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Expenditure over £500

Lincolnshire Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner are committed to delivering an open and transparent service whenever possible, including how and where tax payers’ money is spent.

This page presents the financial records of our expenditure and is updated monthly. Cost, supplier and transaction information is included for all invoices over £500 net of VAT. 

It is in the interest of our commitment to protecting the communities that we serve by preventing and detecting crime, that certain information will not be disclosed. Information has therefore been excluded from publication where:

  • its disclosure of information would breach the Data Protection Act 1998; or
  • the information would attract an exemption under the Freedom of Information Act, including personal information and information withheld for security reasons or criminal investigations; or
  • the information relates to the protection of vulnerable adults or children; or
  • the information concerns investigative methods, intelligence or the use of related operational techniques.

Data is redacted wherever possible to prevent breach of any other legislation or lead to a significant risk to a third party, and is disclosed. Where redacting will not avoid a significant risk of breaching legislation then the data is not disclosed.

Some items might be less than £500 but they are included as they are part of an invoice that is greater than £500.


Value for Money

The Police and Crime Commissioner has a duty to make the best use of the money available to him from national and local taxpayers.  Police and crime services in Lincolnshire are comparable to those elsewhere in the country despite much lower levels of spending in Lincolnshire. However, maintaining and improving value for money remains a priority particularly as government funding reduces.

The Police and Crime Commissioner's approach is set out in a Value for Money Strategy which can be found in Section 4 of the Budget Book for 2013-14

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