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Decision Making

Decisions of Significant Public Interest

There is a sliding scale of decisions which are required of the Police and Crime Commissioner. These range from single, internally focussed, low impact decisions, through to those of significant public interest such as developing the Police and Crime Plan and setting the Budget and Precept.

The Commissioner is required by law to publish a policy statement in relation to the making of decisions of significant public interest that arise from the exercise of his duties. The definition of what is meant by ‘significant public interest’ is not defined in law. Therefore any decision as to whether a matter is of significant public interest is a matter solely for determination by the Commissioner, whose decision can only be challenged by judicial review.

Please click on the following links to view the Commissioner’s policy on Decision Making:

Forward Plan of Decisions

Forward Plans contain all the strategic decisions made or expected to be made by the Police and Crime Commissioner for each quarter.  Plans are updated monthly and made available 5 days before the beginning of each month.

Current and previous Forward Plans are available below:

To ensure that the Commissioner is kept well informed and able to make defensible decisions, it is essential that proper consideration is given to ‘relevant parties’.  Failing to do so could make a decision subject to challenge.

For some decisions, engagement is a statutory requirement, for example, the duty to obtain the views of local people, partners and other stake holders to enable the proper understanding of need, resources and priorities used to inform the Police and Crime Plan. An Engagement Strategy has been developed which explains how the Commissioner will engage with local communities on specific issues. The Engagement Strategy can be viewed here.

Details of specific consultations will appear on the PCC and Lincolnshire Police websites. 

Publishing Decisions

The Commissioner is required by law to publish a record of each decision of significant public interest. A Register of Decisions is kept of all decisions that are considered to be of significant public interest.  Each decision along with a copy of the decision report is normally published within one full working day of a decision being made.

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