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East Midlands Collaboration

Since 2005, when HMIC published its ‘Closing the Gap’ report, police forces have been looking at ways they can work more closely work together to best meet the protective services needs of the public. Rather than merge, forces were actively encouraged to expand their capacity and resilience by sharing resources and expertise.

Police forces in the East Midlands region have been at the forefront of collaborative policing in the UK for more than a decade, since the establishment of the East Midlands Special Operations Unit (EMSOU) in 2002. This project, which had an initial focus on specialist areas of policing, has since expanded to cover all five of the East Midlands forces and the five main areas of policing: serious and organised crime; major crime; intelligence; forensics; and counter-terrorism.

The East Midlands Police Collaboration Programme (EMPCP) is based in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire and is tasked with delivering changes aimed at improving many areas of operational and non-operational policing functions. The programme has four portfolio areas, each overseen by a Chief Constable from one of the East Midlands forces, with the fifth Chief Constable in the role as Programme Chair.

The portfolio areas comprise: Specialist crime, operational support, specialist operations and resources.The EMPCP is working on more than 40 projects from IT infrastructure, police legal services, training programmes, streamlining fraud and financial investigations as well as regionalising the management of HR data.

The East Midlands Special Operations Unit (EMSOU) operates from various locations around the region and is divided into a number of specialist policing units, many working with a range of other law enforcement partners at regional and national level.

EMSOU Major Crime (EMSOU-MC) - investigating homicides and kidnap with demands and extortion, and other serious cases, as well as managing issues of threat, risk and harm in all five force areas.

EMSOU Serious Organised Crime (EMSOU-SOC) - tackling organised crime groups involved in drugs supply, supply of firearms, cybercrime, armed robbery and money laundering across all five force areas.

EMSOU Forensic Services (EMSOU-FS) - undertaking forensic analysis, identification and crime scene investigation across three force areas -Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

EMSOU Special Branch (EMSOU-SB) - assessing and reducing the risk to the whole region from potential terrorist activity and domestic extremism.

EMSOU Regional Review Unit (RRU) - independently reviewing on behalf of all five forces undetected major crime investigations, as well as procedure and practice of critical incidents and missing persons inquiries, as well as analysing acquittals at court and successful appeals against conviction.

Regional Asset Recovery Team (RART) - using specialist financial investigation techniques to recover assets from criminals involved in money laundering and serious organised crime in the East Midlands.

Lincolnshire is a signatory to the following Regional Collaborative Agreements pursuant to section 23A of the Police Act 1996:

  • EMCHRS Occupational Health Unit
  • EMSOU (incorporating EMSOU Intelligence and EMSOU Serious Organised Crime)
  • EMSOU Counter Terrorism
  • EMSOU Major Crime
  • EMSOU Fingerprint Service
  • East Midlands Technical Surveillance Unit
  • EMSOU Special Branch
  • EMSOU Regional Review Unit
  • Regional Asset Recovery
  • EMSOU Fraud and Financial Investigation Unit
  • East Midlands Police Legal Services

Redacted versions of all East Midlands Regional Collaborative Agreements can be accessed using the following link: http://www.empcp.org.uk/about-us/

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