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Emergency Services Collaborative working

  • Published: 01-06-2016 at 13:06

On the subject of emergency services collaborative working in Lincolnshire PCC Marc Jones said:

“I said during the election process that I supported the prospect of blue light collaboration for Lincolnshire.

We now know that we have been successful in securing a £7.5m grant from the Home Office Police Innovation Fund which will help us specifically take the project further.

It is all at a very early stage and there are still many ‘ifs’ – however, if it went ahead it raises the prospect of a triple service operational campus, possibly at South Park where the existing Fire and Ambulance bases are located and possibly a combined administrative headquarters – perhaps at Netleham.

Whilst West Parade police station may be sold, at the root of this is our firm commitment to policing in Lincoln which will not change. 

Myself and the Chief Constable and all the other agencies involved are very clear that each organisation will maintain its individual identity.

This is about effective partnership and not ‘take over’.