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How would you spend Lincolnshire Police's budget in 2017/18?

  • Published: 22-11-2016 at 13:11

he people of Lincolnshire will have the opportunity to help shape the way their communities are policed by taking part in a countywide survey.

Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones has launched the consultation to ask residents their views on a series of policing issues.

Every single resident is eligible to answer the questionnaire – which asks five questions on subjects ranging from priorities for spending and joint working for all emergency services.

Mr Jones, elected in May with 48,000 votes, is currently at work on the budget for next year’s force.

But with Government funding currently dropping by two per cent a year even if the commissioner increases his council tax by the maximum two percent (£2.69 a year for a Band A home) it still leaves a hole in the budget of around £4.4million next year rising to £6million by 2019.

Even the independent HMIC recently reported the Lincolnshire force had done “what can reasonably be expected to be as efficient as possible, and yet it still faces an uncertain financial future due to its low funding base".

Mr Jones wishes to ensure that he takes into account the views of the county’s residents to set the priorities for spending in the coming years.

The five questions in the survey cover topics relating to the importance of policing rural areas against investing in new technology and tackling cyber crime.

“One of the most important challenges facing me in this role is the battle to get sustainable funding for Lincolnshire and with the support of the county’s politicians and residents I am confident we have a strong case,” said Mr Jones.

“But until that issue is sorted we have to manage our resources carefully and intelligently.

“It is my responsibility, and my wish, to ensure the whole community has a chance to help identify the priorities and shape policing for the 21st century.

“I hope as many people as possible take the opportunity to give their views and take an active part in deciding the future of their communities.”

If you would like to complete the survey and cannot access the internet please ring the PCC office on 01522 947192