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New 4x4s to fight rural crime

  • Published: 20-04-2017 at 13:04

A new fleet of 4X4 vehicles has been funded by Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner to aid in the fight against rural crime.

The nine new vehicles represent the first step in a bid to reinforce rural community safety across the county.

PCC Marc Jones is currently working with senior officers at the county’s police HQ to draw up a blueprint for tackling rural issues – due to be unveiled next month.

Mr Jones has made the budget available and the force has ordered the new vehicles which are due to arrive later this year.

Elements of the plan are likely to include:

  • Developing plans to enable communities to play an active role, including working with key partners such as National Farmers Union and Countryside Land Owners
  • Providing advice and guidance to residents, businesses and visitors on how to stay safe and protect themselves and their property from opportunist criminals
  • Increasing the number of Special Constables and volunteers working in our rural communities
  • Identifying those most vulnerable within our rural community, particularly repeat victims of crime and anti-social behaviour and take action to protect them
  • Develop bespoke rural crime prevention advice.

“I have made a promise to the residents of this county that I will put rural community safety high on the list of priorities and that is why I think it is vital to set out a clear strategy of how that will be achieved.

“I have been working with the force to set out our plans for how we can improve the service to the towns, villages and more remote areas across Lincolnshire and both the Chief Constable and I are committed to making people feel safer and to be safer in all parts of the county.

“The work is still on-going but much progress has already been made and we hope to have a draft completed within the next few weeks and to be clear this will be a plan backed up by resources and action “

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