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Reaching the crime in time with new Kugas

  • Last Updated: 15-12-2017 at 15:12

Ten Ford Kugas have joined Lincolnshire Police’s ranks to help officers tackle crime in even the toughest conditions.

The 150bhp and ‘All-Wheel-Drive’ vehicles will help officers take on treacherous terrains in the countryside such as fields and farmers tracks, and difficult winter weather conditions such as icy or flooded roads.

The vehicles will be used across the county, around the clock and throughout the year, to help officers catch criminals and reach victims as soon as possible. 

The Kugas will be used by police officers to respond to all types of crime, including in the force’s fight against hare coursing* and other rural crimes.

The Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones says:

“I am very pleased to see my commitment to provide the ‘right tools for the job’ continue to deliver for front line officers.”

“I made a promise to the residents of this county that I will put rural community safety high on the list of priorities and making sure the right equipment is available is a crucial step in delivering on that promise.

“The new vehicles – alongside drones and quadbikes – will give our front line officers the capability to tackle crime wherever it occurs, in all weathers, both day and night.

“It will allow officers to get to the remote parts of the county and, in conjunction with the new rural crime strategy, should make people not just feel safer but be safer.”

Chief Constable Bill Skelly adds:  “With these vehicles our officers will be able to go where they previously couldn’t in a police car – such as into a crop field to find where a stolen vehicle has been hidden or to pursue a hare courser trying to make an escape using an off-road track. 

“Doing so would cause significant damage to a police car so in the past our officers have had to accept lifts from farmers or traipse through fields on foot to reach a crime scene.

“Our distinctive county also has vast areas of challenging terrain with low hills and steep valleys and in bad weather these can be treacherous.  When our officers are trying to keep others safe it’s important to me that they feel safe to tackle the conditions.  Now our officers can get where they need to quickly and safely – improving the service to our communities.”

A Ford Kuga was extensively trialled by the force in the Lincolnshire Wolds before this investment was made.  The vehicles will cost £195,000 which includes the cost of converting them to operational police vehicles.

*So far this season (since April) Lincolnshire Police has already seized 35 dogs and 11 vehicles due to hare coursing offences.  21 people have been arrested and another 4 have been reported for summons.  Officers are responding to around 65 incidents a week.