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AN extra £2 billion made available for mental health services announced in the budget

  • Published: 29-10-2018 at 12:10

AN extra £2 billion made available for mental health services announced in the budget has been welcomed by the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

PCC Marc Jones has already made mental health issues a priority for his administration – with up to 40 per cent of police time now spent dealing with related issues.

Mr Jones also welcomed other provisions of Chancellor Philip Hammond’s budget for the positive effect it would have in communities in Lincolnshire:

  • An extra £160m for counter-terrorism police - the additional funding will “benefit everyone including residents in Lincolnshire”.
  • An extra £650m for councils, for care for the elderly and those with disabilities – This will “protect some of the most vulnerable in our community. Calls to police about concerns for safety and missing people are a massive call on officer time and this will help address these problems”.
  • A £420 million package to immediately tackle potholes – “reducing and repairing damage to county roads can only help reduce the accidents that cause serious injury and deaths on our roads”.
  • £10m for air ambulances – a “very positive step to support rural community safety”.

MPs were also told that the Home Secretary will get the opportunity to review police funding options in December.

“The announcement on a review of police funding is very welcome news,” said Mr Jones.

“It shows that Home Office Ministers have been listening to both my case for a review and the support from local MPs. I remain optimistic that solutions may be found to our particular funding challenges.

“The overall approach set out by the Chancellor will help deliver service improvements in a wide range of areas that will undoubtedly benefit Lincolnshire residents.

“My priority remains making our communities be and feel safer and I feel confident that today’s announcements will help deliver that ambition.”