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Cutting edge technology to tackle crime and keep communities safe is one of the priorities for PCC Marc Jones

  • Published: 09-07-2018 at 11:07

THE deployment of cutting edge technology to tackle crime and keep communities safe is one of the priorities for Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, set out in his annual report released today.

Marc Jones has set out his achievements in the document marking the end of his second year in office.

The annual report sets out a raft of achievements the PCC has made towards delivering on the promises he made in his Safer Together plan.

The Community Safety, Policing and Criminal Justice Plan explains how the deployment of a new fleet of 4X4 vehicles, all-terrain vehicles and the creation of a drone “squad” equipped with thermal imaging technology, has already proved its worth in saving life and apprehending suspects.

Each officer and Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) now carries a hand-held computer providing them with the ability to check records, complete forms and crucially stay out of an office and in the community for longer.

The annual report details how the PCC has brought partners together from the health service, local authorities, chief officers, criminal justice and the third sector to draw up and deliver strategies on a range of issues.

The vital work to protect the vulnerable, address road safety, prevent crime and provide victims with better services are also all outlined in the annual report.

“A key focus has been to ensure that our force has the capability to help prevent harm in our communities as well as find, intercept and arrest criminals wherever and whenever they try to strike,” said Mr Jones.

“In our use of technology we are now at the leading edge of policing and, given that we have one of the smallest forces in the UK, that allows us to use our resources as best as possible.

“Yet these endeavours account for only part of my time and responsibilities.

“In fact the work my office performs in preventing crime, protecting victims and the vulnerable and taking a lead role in partnership working in order to deliver the most effective and efficient delivery of public services is certainly as important.”

Chairman of the Lincolnshire Police and Crime Panel, Chris Cook, said: “The Panel was pleased to receive the Commissioner’s Annual Report, recognising the progress being made to deliver the Police and Crime Plan for Lincolnshire. Partnership working and investment in new technology is helping to deliver successful policing and crime outcomes for the people of Lincolnshire, however the future financing of the Force remains a concern. The Panel will continue to monitor the Plan’s implementation closely including the ongoing efforts to secure a sustainable and fair financial solution.”

The report, available to everyone, can be accessed here

For more information contact Jon Grubb from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner on 07780 953575 or