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Join the fight against scams, become a Scam Marshall!

  • Last Updated: 20-11-2018 at 14:11


Lincolnshire PCC Marc Jones, with the lead of Deputy Stuart Tweedale is actively seeking members of the public to come forward and become Scam Marshals.
Becoming a scam Marshall means you are responsible for collecting scam mail and sending it to National Trading Standards (NTS) for them to investigate.

Working with local authorities, NTS are often able to prosecute the criminal companies and individuals who are responsible for sending out scam mail.

Becoming a Scam Marshall can be a rewarding role, by being able to help protect your local community against scams, contributing to a reduction in scam mail and saving people money.

Once completing your Scam Marshall training you will not only receive a certificate, but you will receive a monthly newsletter, with up to date information on current scams. You will also be sent freepost mail bags so you are able to send the Scam Mail you collect, to the NTS.

There are currently 270 Scam Marshalls in the country with the aim of reaching a target of 1200 by March 2019.

If you are interested in becoming a Scam Marshall, a form is available to fill out, which can be sent back to NTS free of charge.  Please click here.

For further information on Friends Against Scams, please visit their website by clicking here: