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Hack the Police, has been initiated by Police Rewired with support from PCC Marc Jones

  • Last Updated: 09-11-2018 at 10:11

Software experts are being enlisted to help Lincolnshire Police in the fight against cyber-crime. Developers, designers, psychologists, researchers and other specialists are being asked to attend a special event to help develop new ways of combatting online crime.

The event, called Hack the Police, has been initiated by Police Rewired with support from Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones.

The event is also being organised with help from Cyber Specials and Cyber Volunteers.

Police Rewired and the CSCV are both volunteer-led groups dedicated to enthusing and supporting independent developers and makers who have an interest in policing technology, community safety, and the fight against cybercrime.

Hack the Police is a two day event, starting on December 1st, where individuals or teams of up to four people compete to come up with the best solution for problems and issues facing the force.

It is the third such event held in the UK and the first outside London and more than 40 of the 75 places have already been taken.

Issues likely to be addressed at the event include how to use technology to help front line officers and apps designed how to help the public feel safe.

PCC Marc Jones said: “We have a thriving digital sector in this county and a great deal of expertise in the online world.

“This event is a unique opportunity for those people with these skills to help our force in the fight against cyber-crime.

“I think the fact this is the first time such an event has been held outside of the capital shows the commitment to innovation in our fight to keep our communities safe.

“I believe this event could be a hugely important event in turning the tide on those criminals who use technology to prey on our residents.”

Event organizer Greg Stevenson, a CSCV volunteer and Cyber Tactical Advisor, said anyone with an interest in policing, law enforcement, victim support or crime investigation was welcome to attend.

“Police forces are now battling with professional criminal gangs and state entities with sophisticated tradecraft,” he said.

“The twenty-first century cyber-criminal is a ruthless and efficient entrepreneur, supported by a highly developed and rapidly evolving black market. We welcome any web or app developers, researchers, data analysts, students, teachers and project managers to join us in the fight against this new breed of criminal.”

This Lincoln event will be hosted at police HQ in Nettleham, and is jointly hosted by CSCV and Police Rewired and supported by Lincolnshire Police and G4S, as well as PCC Marc Jones.

To register for a place and more information click here