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PCC Marc Jones supports the greater collaboration in order to improve Lincolnshire's ambulance service

  • Published: 09-11-2018 at 09:11

A commitment to provide a better ambulance service for the residents of Lincolnshire has been agreed by organisations across the county.

At a summit meeting (Wed Nov 7) county council officials and the Police and Crime Commissioner met with health and emergency service officials to agree new ways to help improve the service.

The organisations all signed up to a Joint Statement of Intent with East Midlands Ambulance Service which agreed:

• EMAS will commit more resource in Lincolnshire and to appoint a new lead officer for the county to provide a core responsive service

• New Lincolnshire branding on ambulances to demonstrate a commitment by EMAS to work “in and for the people of Lincolnshire”.

• Partners will work together to help residents access the right services, in the right place, at the right time.

• Reduce inappropriate hospital admission by encouraging the use of community-based services.

• Continued commitment to greater collaboration between the blue light services to provide the best coherent services to the people of Lincolnshire.

PCC Marc Jones, who has been critical of EMAS performance in Lincolnshire, said he was delighted his drive to see better services delivered to local communities was now seeing real progress.

“I have always been clear that partnership working is crucial if we are to improve the lives of our residents and keep our communities safe,” he said.

“This commitment demonstrates what can be achieved when we pull together and I am confident this is a very positive step forward in helping the ambulance service provide the kind of response we have been striving for."
“I look forward to this agreement delivering concrete projects and changes which will benefit us all.”

Mr Jones welcomed the additional resource that health commissioners and EMAS have dedicated to the county, and said better ambulance response times would help police officers who were often left waiting with injured victims.

“The knock on positive effect on policing will also be important. Better response times will cut down on wasted hours and allow officers to deliver a more effective service too,” he said.

The joint statement is the first step in partners working together and a more formal agreement will be drawn up and signed next year.