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PCC welcomes extra resources to to help hunt down paedophiles

  • Published: 06-09-2018 at 08:09

Extra resources announced by the Government to help hunt down paedophiles has been welcomed by Lincolnshire PCC Marc Jones.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has announced £21m of extra funding will be invested over the next 18 months to bolster the response of law enforcement agencies.

A further £13m will be spent on helping victims of child sexual exploitation. Internet companies have also been told they must go further than ever before to prevent the circulation of child abuse images and videos.

Mr Jones said the funding was a welcome boost for forces attempting to tackle a rising tide of child sexual exploitation and abuse.

“These horrendous crimes are becoming more complex to both investigate and prosecute and the extra resources will be vital in tackling the despicable people who prey on children,” said Mr Jones.

“Every day these criminals operate more children are caught in the evil web of abuse.

“The extra funding is an important step in the right direction but there is still work to do before we can truly turn the tide.

Mr Jones is the Conservative PCC’s national lead for victims, joint lead for the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners on victims and chair of the National Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Network.

The Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse estimates that 15% of girls and 5% of boys experience some form of sexual abuse before the age of 16.

The Home Secretary said on Monday (Sept 3) that more child sexual abuse images were being uploaded and shared online than ever before.

There has been a 700% increase in the number of referrals to the National Crime Agency for this type of content since 2013. Content is also getting more graphic, with the abuse of babies and children under 10 being regularly documented.

The National Crime Agency estimates that around 80,000 people in the UK that present some kind of sexual threat to children online.

Mr Javid said that as well as the extra funding for police forces the Government had invested £13 million through the Trusted Relationships Fund, for projects to build children’s resilience to these types of crimes.