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PCC welcomes new laws to tackle domestic abuse

  • Published: 12-03-2018 at 13:03

PLANS by the Government to introduce new laws to tackle domestic abuse have been welcomed by the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

Prime Minister Theresa May has announced a raft of proposed new measures to tackle domestic abuse.

The new proposals recognize that domestic abuse comes in many different forms and look to transform the approach to tackling the problem.

The plans include the creation of:

  • First ever statutory definition of Domestic Abuse recognising the many kinds of abuse suffered – from psychological, physical, sexual, economic and emotional.
  • New Domestic Abuse Protection Orders to allow police and courts to act earlier and more effectively when abuse is suspected.
  • The creation of a Domestic Abuse Commissioner to stand up for victims, monitor the provision of domestic abuse services, and hold the Government to account.
  • Tougher sentences for domestic abuse cases involving children.

Economic abuse will be recognised for the first time as a type of domestic abuse, covering controlling circumstances in which victims have finances withheld, are denied access to employment or transport, or are forced to take out loans and enter into other financial contracts.

This recognition will improve understanding among frontline professionals, law enforcement officers and prosecutors so we can take action more quickly and effectively to better support victims.

PCC Marc Jones, who acts as the Deputy Victims lead for the national Association of Police and Crime Commissioners, embraced the proposals.

“I very much welcome this consultation which contains a number of positive measures to tackle the devastating crime of domestic abuse; including new Protection Orders to allow police and courts to act sooner and provision for tougher sentences for domestic abuse cases involving children.

“I look forward to responding to the consultation and working to ensure that new legislation is swiftly implemented so we can keep Lincolnshire residents safe,” he said.

A consultation launched yesterday (March 8) by the Prime Minister Theresa May, Home Secretary Amber Rudd and Justice Secretary David Gauke, will seek views on measures to be included in the Government’s draft Domestic Abuse Bill.

Prime Minister Theresa May said: “The consultation we are launching today includes a number of proposals which have the potential to completely transform the way we tackle domestic abuse, providing better protection to victims and bringing more perpetrators to justice.

“We know that domestic abuse affects those from all walks of life. Victims can be young and old, male and female, and I hope as many people as possible will come forward to give us their views and share their experiences, as we seek to put an end to this abhorrent crime for good.”

To take part in the consultation go to