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VOLUNTEER police cadets have been enlisted to help in the fight against scam artists

  • Published: 23-02-2018 at 11:02

VOLUNTEER police cadets have been enlisted to help in the fight against scam artists.

The cadets have been given training in how to spot the signs of people being targeted by scam artists and how to help people prevent it.

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Stuart Tweedale and Sgt Caroline Broughton from Lincolnshire Police spoke to nearly 30 members of Boston’s Volunteer Police Cadets.

The move is the latest in a series of steps taken across the county to combat fraudsters who cause misery for their victims.

Last year Deputy PCC Stuart Tweedale took on a role in the Friends Against Scams campaign as one of its SCAMbassadors across the UK.

Then Lincolnshire Police joined the campaign as a Friends Against Scams Organisation – making Lincolnshire the first county in the UK to have both the PCC and local force signed up.

Recently North Kesteven District Council became the first organisation outside the policing community to join the campaign, run by National Trading Standards.

“Although the elderly and most vulnerable are often the target of these contemptible criminals in reality, particularly online, anyone can be the victim. That’s why it is so important for us to be very proactive in fighting these despicable crimes,” said Mr Tweedale.

“All agencies working together will be the only way we can defeat this crime and I am delighted that Lincolnshire is leading the way.”

Each year cons cause cost UK residents between £5bn and £10bn. In addition to the financial impact, scams can have a severe emotional and psychological impact on victims.

For more information contact Jon Grubb from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner on 07780 953575 or