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NEW pursuit vehicles and 24/7 county-wide drone coverage have been promised by the police and crime commissioner to help in the fight against crime

  • Published: 23-03-2019 at 10:03

NEW pursuit vehicles and 24/7 county-wide drone coverage have been promised by the police and crime commissioner to help in the fight against crime.

PCC Marc Jones said the increase in council tax will enable him to deliver the latest phase in state of the art equipment to aid officers.

The PCC has already delivered the funding necessary to introduce new tasers, mobile finger print scanners, body worn video, handheld computers and number plate recognition equipment as he leads the drive to create the most technological advanced force in the UK.

The 11 per cent increase in council tax – a rise of less than 50p a week for a band D property – has enabled the PCC and Chief Constable Bill Skelly to plan on a number of new projects.

Mini police – extending the current mini-police scheme to over 2000 children, available to every primary school in the county will leverage in additional national funding and keep local children safer. The project aims to create responsible citizens of our young people.

Drones – the funding will enable the drone unit to expand to become a drone squadron with coverage extended to the whole county 24/7. The technology frees up valuable officer time which is then available to respond to other urgent calls.

Command and control - the new command and control system, the most up-to-date in the UK would have been shelved without public support for council tax funding. It is vital in enabling the deployment of the most appropriately trained and equipped officers to scenes as quickly as possible.

Improved neighbourhood policing model – the new model will require mobile technology to support local officers and PCSOs in being where they and the public want them to be, in the community for longer. Improved systems will enable better focus on protecting the vulnerable, monitoring potential risks, gathering intelligence and tackling crime.

New pursuit vehicles – money will be invested in new police pursuit vehicles for the roads/firearms units who daily get tasked with some of the most challenging incidents in policing. It’s vital that the vehicles can carry the heavy loads required of them and still out perform organised criminals intent of causing harm in our communities.

Enhanced dog unit with new sniffer dogs trained to find cash, drugs and even electronic devices like laptops and phones.

Support for an increase in Council Tax was overwhelming in a survey conducted early this year.

A total of 3,449 people completed the survey – with 83% of respondents supporting a funding increase and 68% of those supporting a rise in excess of 11 per cent

“I would never take the decision to raise and spend public money lightly. Hard pressed council tax payers were overwhelming in their support for providing funding to Lincolnshire Police. We owe it to them to be clear how action is being taken to keep them safe as a result,” said Mr Jones.

“The focus has been, and continues to be, on creating a force well equipped to ensure our county remains one of the safest in the UK.”