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PCC hails flagship project for joint fire, police and ambulance station

  • Last Updated: 17-12-2019 at 11:12

PCC hails flagship project for joint fire, police and ambulance station.

Lincoln's new joint fire, police and ambulance station on South Park is on track to open in the autumn of 2019, with the first staff expected to occupy the building this summer.

When complete, this flagship project will be the first operational hub between all three emergency services in the country.

The collaboration between the emergency services across Lincolnshire is making savings on running costs and through not maintaining old buildings, whilst improving services to the public.

The project represents a major investment in the future of Lincolnshire's emergency services – from both local and national funding. It reflects both a national and local drive for closer collaboration between blue light services, and has attracted £7m of national government funding.

Marc Jones, PCC for Lincolnshire has applauded the project:

“It’s a superb facility that’s going to see the emergency services well housed and able to protect the communities for decades to come.

“The running cost for this building for all three services together will amount to no more than the current running costs of the police station on its own.

“It is a superb way to spend public money to deliver outstanding service and make sure that the money is spent efficiently.”

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