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PCC Marc Jones has welcomed a Home Office decision to drop 101 phone charges

  • Last Updated: 17-12-2019 at 11:12

PCC Marc Jones has welcomed a Home Office decision to drop the 15p charge to make 101 non emergency calls.

The Home Office has announced that it will scrap the charge and spend £5m a year to fund the phone service in the UK.

The move comes after Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones previously raised at a national level to get the charges dropped.

Lincolnshire Police receives around 250,000 101 calls a year – more than 670 a day – to report non-emergency incidents. The service was introduced in December 2011 to free up calls to 999.

The removal of charges equates to a £37,500 saving for the residents of Lincolnshire.

“This is really positive news. Reporting crime, passing on vital information or highlighting abuse shouldn’t cost the caller 15p,” said Mr Jones.

“Victims of domestic abuse sometimes have their finances and activities controlled or closely monitored by their abuser and knowing this charge can show up on bills can be a barrier to them getting in touch when they most need help.

“This move is good for victims and good for the people of Lincolnshire.”

Home Secretary Sajid Javid said the decision would benefit "millions of people every year".

"It's vital members of public have confidence in the police and are able to report any non-emergency incidents in a convenient and accessible way,” he said.

"Scrapping the charge for making a 101 call will benefit millions of people every year - especially the vulnerable."