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PCC Marc Jones welcomes Boris Johnson's investment of 20,000 new officers.

  • Last Updated: 17-12-2019 at 11:12

THE promised investment in 20,000 new officers by new PM Boris Johnson is the trigger needed to review controversial police funding formula according to Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

PCC Marc Jones believes the extra Government cash provides the perfect opportunity to rebalance funding for forces across England and Wales.

Until now one of the arguments made against reviewing the funding formula has been that, while overall funding has remained flat, redistributing the existing pot would mean and some forces faced significant cuts.

But Mr Jones says it would now be possible to reserve a chunk of the extra £1.1 billion to manage changes to the funding formula – allowing an uplift to those forces that are unfairly disadvantaged while minimising the impact to other forces.

Meanwhile Lincolnshire Police has now started planning for the increase in funding.

For recruitment, attraction and initial training, the force will be running a national and local campaign to attract local people to become new police officers.

The enhanced initial training programme will include additional inputs on cyber, domestic abuse and other new areas.

And the force, says Mr Jones, is now in a prime position to make the most of the new officers because of years of investment in equipment and new technology – ensuring the additional front line staff will be providing the most effective policing possible.

“This investment is the perfect time for Government to revive the review of the Police Allocation Formula,” said Mr Jones.

“Policing suffers from the largest diversity of funding of any public service, with urban forces being funded to a far greater extent than their rural equivalents. In health and education the Government is committed to more equalisation between best and worst and a similar commitment is required in policing.

“To create a minimum level of funding per head of population would be a quick and simple way for Government to show their commitment to those rural communities that have suffered discrimination over the past two decades. I will be writing to government with more details of this plan shortly.

“Lincolnshire can make the most of extra funding because we have transformed in recent years into an agile workforce focused on being out in the community as much as possible.

“The challenge for me is how I provide the technology and other equipment to ensure that Lincolnshire remains one of the most advanced forces in the country. But this government investment is transformational for policing.

“It is our responsibility to respond positively.”