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People across the county are being asked to join Lincolnshire’s SAFER TOGETHER Research Panel

  • Last Updated: 17-12-2019 at 11:12

A SPECIAL panel of Lincolnshire residents set up to gauge the public’s opinions on policing and crime has already signed up more than 600 residents.

People across the county are being asked to join Lincolnshire’s SAFER TOGETHER Research Panel and invited to give their views on important community safety issues up to four times a year.

The new group is being established by Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones, who said the opinions voiced will play an influential role in shaping how the county is policed.

Participation in the panel is open to anyone resident in Lincolnshire over the age of 18. Signing up will require members to provide some basic personal information to ensure that the panel is as representative as possible of the people of Lincolnshire, in respect of: age, gender and geography. All of the answers that members give to surveys they participate in will be anonymised.

The new on-line community is an extension to the annual surveys conducted by the PCC.

“At the very heart of my role is ensuring that the views and priorities of the people and communities of Lincolnshire are reflected in the way our county is policed,” said Mr Jones.

“I’m well aware that how our force responds to crime and polices our communities is a matter of huge concern for the residents of this county.

“Our annual surveys have been instrumental in helping me understand the issues they want to be a priority and we have responded to those views. But in our fast changing society I want to be able to get those opinions on emerging problems as quickly as possible."

“Members of the panel will play a crucial role in setting out the direction for community safety, policing and criminal justice in Lincolnshire, over both the short and the long term, and I would urge as many people as possible to sign up and give their opinions.”

This year’s annual survey received nearly 3,500 responses – a 19 per cent increase on the previous year.

The opinions voiced by the public in the previous surveys have helped shape a number of new initiatives including:

• Launch of a new Safer Roads Team - in response to concerns raised about speeding traffic and helped inform the transformation and extension of the Community Speed Watch Scheme

• New pursuit vehicles – money will be invested in new police pursuit vehicles for the roads/firearms units which can carry the heavy loads required of them and still out perform organised criminals intent of causing harm in our communities.

• Drones –funding to drone coverage extended to the whole county 24/7. The drones will be invaluable in saving life, locating vulnerable missing people, combatting a range of crimes in hard to access locations and even gathering pivotal evidence to prosecuting offenders.

• Command and control - the new command and control system, the most up-to-date in the UK, would have been shelved without public support for council tax funding. It will make it easier to report incidents, deliver better feedback to the public and allow the deployment of officers to incidents as quickly as possible.

• Improved neighbourhood policing model – the new model will require mobile technology to support local officers and PCSOs in being where they and the public want them to be, in the community for longer. Improved systems will enable better focus on protecting the vulnerable, monitoring potential risks, gathering intelligence and tackling crime.

To find out more about the Lincolnshire’s SAFER TOGETHER Research Panel or to sign up to become a member go to