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RESIDENTS experience of crime has reduced in every single borough across Lincolnshire except one

  • Published: 15-06-2019 at 10:06

RESIDENTS experience of crime has reduced in every single borough across Lincolnshire except one – according to the results of a comprehensive survey.

The positive result was reflected in the survey carried out by the Police and Crime Commssioner to gauge public reaction to crime and policing across the county.

The only area where the experience of crime did not go down was Boston Borough and even there the results remained the same as last year.

The survey carried out earlier this year achieved 3,449 fully completed questionnaires - an increase of 543 or 19% increase on the 2,906 we achieved in 2017.

All districts were represented with numbers ranging from 343 in Boston to 855 in East Lindsey.

PCC Marc Jones conducts the survey annually to help him set priorities, give the right focus to new projects and initiatives and ensure communities receive the policing service they want.

Key points emerging from the research included:

  • 83% of Lincolnshire residents believe that the funding level for the Lincolnshire Police should be “Increased”. This compares with 82% of participants in the 2017 Survey.
  • Claimed experience of crime personally or within their household has fallen year-on-year across all categories with the exception of “online crime” and “vehicle theft”.
  • Experience of crime appears to have reduced year-on-year across all local authorities with the exception of Boston Borough, where it appears to be broadly stable.
  • Exactly two thirds of the participants who had reported a crime or incident to Lincolnshire Police within the last 12 months (28% of the total sample) did so by calling 101. Only 10% reported a crime or incident “At a police station in person”, this equates to just 2.8% of the total survey sample.
  • Fear of Crime appears to have risen slightly in East Lindsey, North Kesteven and West Lindsey, whilst falling by a smaller margin in Boston Borough and South Kesteven.
  • “Burglary from the home” remains both the most widespread and deep-seated worry for residents, with the ratings for this virtually unchanged from 2017
  • The perceived scale of problem that different crimes represent in the local area have universally reduced but “speeding traffic” continues to be perceived as the most widespread problem, “burglary and theft from private property” the second largest.

“I am delighted the public of the county have responded to our second survey in even higher numbers. I think that demonstrates that people value the opportunity to give their views and they certainly play a significant part in helping me set priorities,” said Mr Jones.

“Last year’s findings have already guided significant decisions in the last year and the most recent survey will be just as important.

“I want to thank everyone who took part and encourage everyone to get involved in helping me create a policing service our community wants and deserves.”

The opinions voiced by the public in the previous surveys have helped shape a number of new initiatives over the last 12 months. For instance concerns raised about speeding traffic have led to the launch of a new Safer Roads Team and the extension of the Community Speed Watch Scheme.