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PCC hosts County's first ever 'Scamference'

  • Last Updated: 17-12-2019 at 11:12

ONLY one in ten victims of scams and fraud report the crime to the authorities, it has been revealed.

The disturbing statistic was revealed at a conference in Lincolnshire set up to help tackle the growing number of people falling prey to conmen.

Delegates at the first ever Scamference were told that, although the county officially identified around 4,000 victims of fraud, the number estimated using the Crime Survey of England and Wales was nearer 38,000.

The tactics employed by criminals to con their victims is growing ever more sophisticated the 150 attendees were told. Caller ID can now

be spoofed and criminals can even listen for ten seconds AFTER someone hangs up.

Many victims have been found with thousands of items of scam mail and victims of fraud are 2.5 times more likely to either die or go into residential care within a year.

The event brought together staff from Lincolnshire Police, Trading Standards, councils and charities to educate them on how to spot the signs of people snared by scam artists.

The conference was organised by the Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones with support from the Safer Lincolnshire Partnership and Lincolnshire Safeguarding Adults Board. The event is the culmination of months of work to highlight the problem and educate residents on how to avoid falling victim.

Lincolnshire has been at the forefront of the fight against fraud, led by deputy PCC Stuart Tweedale, and the number of people recruited to help fight scams in the county has now reached the 2,500 milestone.
Speakers at the event included:

• Louise Baxter MBE - Team manager of the National Trading Standards Scam Team

• Prof Keith Brown - Director of the National Centre for Post Qualifying Social Work and Professional Practice

• Marilyn Baldwin OBE – Founder of the Think Jessica charity

• Tony Murray – National Fraud Protect Officer – City of London Police

• Glen Garrod – Executive director of Adult Social Care for Lincolnshire

• Sara Barry – Chair of the serious and organised crime fraud group of the Safer Lincolnshire Partnership

• PC Neil Chapman, Sgt Sharon Hall, PC Melanie Standbrook and PC Luke Casey from Lincolnshire Police

 “My office has put the protection of vulnerable people high on the list of priorities and this event was an important step in our campaign to protect our residents from these despicable crimes,” said Mr Jones.

“But although these vile offenders do prey on the most vulnerable in our society, their criminal activity has no boundaries. They will attempt to rip off anyone regardless of age, creed or background. The authorities must all work together if we are to protect the public.

“What is important now is that people feel confident in reporting these crimes. We need people to come forward so we can understand how the scams work, warn others and ultimately catch the offenders.”