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New crime statistics have been cautiously welcomed by the county’s police and crime commissioner.

  • Last Updated: 17-12-2019 at 11:12

New crime statistics unveiled by the Office of National Statistics have been cautiously welcomed by the county’s police and crime commissioner.

PCC Marc Jones said he was delighted at the progress made by the force in tackling burglary and vehicle crime.

And he said increases in recorded incidents of possession of drugs and weapons actually show the force is active in finding and seizing both – and the increase was a positive step.
But he said he remained deeply concerned about the rises in crimes against the person and would be looking for assurances from chief officers that all is being done.

“I welcome the report as an important tool in enabling me to hold the Chief to account on behalf of the public,” he said.

“The results are mixed. In some areas, such as burglary and vehicle crime, the performance is impressive and deserves credit. For the lowest funded force per head of population these results are admirable and speak to the dedication of every officer Lincolnshire."

“Even in areas that might appear to be worrying, such as drug trafficking and possession of a weapon, increases show that the force has been effective at detecting these crimes. Removing illegal drugs and weapons from our streets is vital to maintaining Lincolnshire as one of the safety places to live and should be applauded."

“There are though areas that cause me great concern. While I have no doubt that changes in crime recording have played a significant part I’m not prepared to accept it on face value alone and will be asking the chief for additional assurance over and above our normal governance arrangements that all is being done to bear down on crime across the board."

“Public confidence and safety is paramount; I have made it a priority to invest in providing the force with the best possible technology and equipment to assist in them in their task of tackling crime and responding to the public."

“These efforts have been focused on doing everything possible to ensure they have as many officers as possible – fit, properly equipped and in our communities where they and we want them to be preventing crime, protecting the vulnerable and arresting perpetrators."

“We remain overall a safe county and any increases are from a lower base than many force areas. Nevertheless on behalf of the people of Lincolnshire I will strive to assist and challenge the Chief Constable to do all that is possible to improve the current picture.”