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120 Officers will be recruited to the force

  • Last Updated: 19-02-2020 at 08:02

Lincolnshire Police will add 120 frontline officers this year in one of the Force’s largest-ever recruitment drives.

The new recruits will help the Force in its target to deliver 1,130 officers by the end of the next financial year, with longer-term plans for further recruitment.

Cash from a successful Special Grant application, secured by Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones, and the extra money raised from Council Tax will be used to further boost the Government’s officer uplift programme.

The commissioner and Chief Constable Bill Skelly have pledged to plough extra resources into frontline policing, while addressing key areas: preventing and tackling crime; road safety; rural crime; and staff wellbeing.

Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones said: “We have spent four years wisely investing in cutting edge technology to create a modern police force that is the envy of many around the UK.

“That investment has ensured our front-line officers are better equipped to keep our communities safe and fight crime.

“Now, after robust financial management, we can enhance services further by embarking on the one of the biggest recruitment drives in the force’s history.

“It all adds up to a bright future in which we can continue to ensure Lincolnshire remains one of the safest places in the country.”

Chief Constable Bill Skelly said: “This is excellent news for communities across Lincolnshire as we continue to strive for the best possible service in keeping them safe.

“Although we know we’ll receive extra funding in the years to come as part of the government’s uplift programme, we are using our own resources to bring forward that recruitment as much as possible.

“That means our initial lift of 50 officers – from the planned baseline figure of 1,020 – has been boosted even further.

“This allows us to put more officers back into our communities, while investing in a range of key areas to keep people safe.”

Part of this year’s overall funding figure of £95.5m comes from a 4.1% council tax precept rise. For nearly 85% of residents in the county, this means an increase of less than 20p per week.

That followed the PCC’s annual survey in which 80% of those who filled out the online questionnaire backed a council tax rise of at least 5%.