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Chief Constable will give Lincolnshire police ‘renewed vigour’

  • Last Updated: 14-12-2020 at 15:12

THE appointment of a new Chief Constable will set the stage for a renewed fight against crime said the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

PCC Marc Jones said new chief Paul Haward had an enviable reputation for running crime fighting operations and the force will start the New Year with “renewed vigour”.

Chris Haward will move from his current role as head of the East Midlands Special Operations Unit (EMSOU) where he has led on Major Crime Investigations, tackling Serious and Organised Crime, covert policing and Counter Terrorism.

In his time at EMSOU – the largest police collaboration in the UK – the unit has seen an increase in operations completed, arrests made and convictions secured.

“He has a fantastic track record of fighting crime and coupled with the investments made in new technology and equipment over the last few years I am confident the next year will be an exciting one for Lincolnshire Police,” said Mr Jones.

“My goal over the past 12 months has been to provide the cash needed to invest in new pursuit vehicles, automatic number plate recognition, extra sniffer dogs, more front line officers and the UK’s most advanced command and control system.

“Coupled with Chris’ experience of running both covert and overt police operations I am confident we are making Lincolnshire a hostile environment for criminals.

“While congratulating Chris, I need to make some comment about Dr Paul Gibson. In September, I announced Paul as my preferred candidate for the post.

“Paul was an excellent candidate but I had to stop the previous appointment process due to a procedural issue unconnected to Paul’s performance. Paul was naturally disappointed and after reflection, decided that he did not wish to reapply for the position.

“I respect Paul’s decision and want to make it clear that the procedural issues that halted the first selection process did not arise from any aspect of his application, interview or nomination.”