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Criminals to pay more towards victims

  • Last Updated: 01-04-2020 at 09:04

CRIMINALS will be made to pay more to fund victim support under new measures unveiled by the Government.

The new legislation has been praised by Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones as a “positive move to support victims and punish criminals”.

The new laws will increase the victim surcharge by five per cent and will raise an extra £2 million across the UK to go towards vital services for victims.

The victim surcharge is imposed by courts on all offenders to ensure they hold some responsibility towards the cost of supporting victims.

Adult criminals and organisations currently pay between £21 and £181 under the Victim Surcharge. This will increase to a maximum of £190 depending on the sentence handed down.

“This is a really positive move to support victims and punish criminals at the same time,” said PCC Marc Jones.

“The more we can do to penalise offenders or discourage them from committing the crime is to be welcomed and if it helps further the services that we provide to victims then all the better.

“I would wholeheartedly support further increase in the surcharge and will be contacting the Minister to give my support to raising it further.”

The new legislation builds on recent Government action to transform the support offered to victims, including by consulting on a new Victims’ Code which sets out the minimum level of information and service victims can expect from criminal justice agencies.

Justice Minister Alex Chalk MP said: “It is right that offenders should do more to repair the harm caused by their crimes.

“That is why we are raising the surcharge and will consult on further increases to ensure criminals take greater responsibility for the cost of supporting victims.”