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Survey shows overwhelming public support to fund policing

  • Last Updated: 04-02-2020 at 11:02

THE public of Lincolnshire have sent an overwhelming signal they are prepared to fund investment in county policing, the results of a survey reveal.

Every year the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner embarks on a one of the most comprehensive consultations ever undertaken by a PCC.

Every year our research sets out to actively engage with the people of Lincolnshire in a statistically robust and truly representative manner - creating a process that meets a professionally accepted level of accuracy.

This year’s results revealed the percentage of the residents surveyed, who backed a percentage rise of AT LEAST five per cent, was a staggering 80%. In fact two thirds of participants chose increases of 15% or 20%.

Support from the public for increased funding from council tax to support policing was overwhelming – in fact the proportion of participants supporting a 15% or 20% increase in council tax has actually INCREASED from last year.

The overall results were largely reflected across the range of Council Tax bands – even when those not prepared to pay any more are included in the calculation, the overall average % increase selected is 12% or over.

The research takes the form on an online survey and this year received fully completed response from more than 3,300 people.

The number of respondents in each district were:

  • Boston – 262
  • East Lindsey – 703
  • Lincoln – 392
  • North Kesteven – 593
  • South Holland – 410
  • South Kesteven – 451
  • West Lindsey – 575

In terms of age bands the survey was completed by 399 in the 16-34 range, 680 in 35-49, 1129 in the 50-64 and 1078 in the 65+ - which follows closely the estimated population of Lincolnshire according to ONS data.

The same is also true of the different districts – where there were obvious variances in results but those prepared to pay AT least 5% or more made up the vast majority - ranging from 84% in North Kesteven to 75% in Boston.

The results of the research have always played a significant role in guiding decisions made about policing priorities across the county and help the PCC formulate his proposal on a council tax rise.

This year Mr Jones proposed a rise of just 4.1% – which for nearly 85 per cent of residents means an increase of less than 20p a week – and is lower than the vast majority of residents surveyed were prepared to pay.

The increase will provide an extra £1.8 million and will be dedicated to projects which deter, seek out, investigate and arrest criminals.

To read more details of the budget and how the extra money will be spent please Click Here