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Marc Jones statement on the issue of providing services for all genders

  • Last Updated: 25-08-2021 at 12:08

Marc Jones has released a statement on the issue of providing services for all genders.

“As an elected official representing all the people of Lincolnshire, I welcome a healthy debate on an important issue affecting residents.

“I regard debate and discussion as a crucial step in gaining understanding – which is, itself, necessary in the quest to provide the right services to the right people in the right places.

“I applaud any attempt to open a discussion, particularly in subjects that are inherently sensitive, because all too often difficult subjects are avoided.

“Often that can lead to level-headed, moderate, people evading controversial subjects leaving those with extremist views to dominate the narrative.

“In this case I respect all sides of this discussion and freely accept that we can all learn more from the perspective of others and in my case use that knowledge to better shape future services.

“Of course these issues are very sensitive - which is exactly why we must discuss them and not shy from the debate. I want every member of our community to feel that their voice can be heard whether they have a protected characteristic under the Equalities Act or not, we must listen, debate and shape services that will serve and protect them.

“All individuals in Lincolnshire deserve the best possible services we can provide for them and any further knowledge can only help us reach that goal.

“If opinions and counter points advance that knowledge we should all embrace that process.”

“I will be working even harder to hear the voices of residents with differing perspectives to ensure that our services are designed to deliver for everyone.

“Society will always be evolving and views and attitudes with it. The discussion regarding people’s rights and their responsibilities will be endless and we must never accept that more can’t be done to improve things.”