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Victim Support will continue to help children and young people affected by Sexual Abuse in Lincolnshire

  • Last Updated: 07-06-2021 at 15:06

VICTIM Support will continue to help children and young people affected by sexual abuse after winning a £300,000 contract from the Police and Crime Commissioner.

The charity has been awarded a three-year  contract to provide emotional support for victims of child sexual exploitation, sexual violence, sexual offences and rape.

Specially trained case workers called CHISVAs (Children’s Independent Sexual Violence Advocates) work directly with children & young people, as well as with parents & carers where children are younger.

Although the contract will initially run for three years there is an option to extend for a further two.

The contract was awarded to Victim Support by PCC Marc Jones with money provided by the Ministry of Justice. The commissioning of victim care services is one of the PCC’s largest responsibilities and includes providing restorative justice services, sexual assault referral centres and services for victims of all crime

“I am delighted we have been able to continue providing these crucial support services for survivors of sexual abuse so they can cope and recover,” said Mr Jones.

“Victim Support provided an impressive plan and I am confident they will deliver excellent services.”

 Olwen Edwards, Victim Support Account Manager: “We are delighted that Victim Support has secured the contract for the CHISVA service and will continue to deliver the Castle Service providing county-wide support for children and young people affected by sexual offences and exploitation including cyber offences.

“We will continue to work tirelessly to help young victims build their feelings of trust so they may safely enjoy the everyday things children and young people should at their age.”

The service is just one element of the PCC's Victims' Strategy 2017 -2021 which enhances the existing services provided to the public, and sets out how the PCC will work in partnership with other organisations to give victims and survivors the help, information and support they need, whenever they need it.

To find out more about the Castle Service, visit or contact Victim Lincs on 01522 947510.