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Safer streets extra funding

  • Last Updated: 21-09-2022 at 08:09

PCC has secured a further £50,000 of government funding for additional CCTV cameras in Lincoln

A PROJECT to install additional CCTV cameras in Lincoln will be extended further thanks to an additional £50,000 government grant.

The original £400,000 scheme came after a successful bid by Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner and included broadening Lincoln city centre CCTV coverage to include the main walking routes out of the city centre and in three areas.

The PCC has now secured a further £50,000 to install new cameras north of the city centre – allowing the creation of 360 coverage out of the city centre.

It will now allow the cameras to monitor walking routes from the city centre for residents of the north of the city, including Bishop Grosseteste university students.

The money for the plan – developed in partnership with the City of Lincoln Council – comes from the government’s Safer Streets Fund.

The scheme also includes funding to develop teaching materials which promote women’s rights and challenge attitudes; a Night Safety Charter pledging to design public spaces to make them safe at night; and training for bar, hotel and restaurant staff regarding vulnerability and tackling predators.

All elements of the plan will be co-developed with women and girls and experts in the field.

“I am delighted to be able to secure additional funding to extend the CCTV cameras even further,” said Mr Jones.

“The project was already going to make a significant difference in helping residents feel and be safe and the extra money will ensure that security is extended to even more people.

“It is excellent news and another step forward in protecting our communities.”

The Lincoln-based bid is the third successful Safer Streets bid for Lincolnshire. So far, the PCC has brought £500,000 in additional funding to the county for projects in the north and east coast.

Caroline Bird, Community Services Manager at City of Lincoln Council added: “The additional funding secured will ensure even more CCTV coverage across the city, which enables us to work with police to report any crime or inappropriate behaviour in areas not currently covered.

“We want all members of the public to be safe and to feel safe when out and about in the city, and these extra cameras add to that layer of protection.”