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80% of victims who accessed local support are better able to cope and recover

  • Last Updated: 25-10-2022 at 09:10

Nearly 14,000 victims of crime were provided the opportunity to receive emotional support last year – with 80% of those accessing services reporting they were better able to cope as a result.

The services for victims was bolstered with an extra £390,000 of funding brought into the county to help specialist teams deal with the extra pressure of the pandemic.

The figures were unveiled in the Victim Services Impact Report 2020-2021 – commissioned by Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones to assess the effectiveness of the help offered to victims.

During that year 13,894 people were helped by Victims Lincs with a further 794 people supported with outreach support. In addition 1,646 survivors of sexual violence accessed services.

The additional funding secured by the PCC in two successful bids to the Ministry of Justice paid for:

  • Four independent Domestic Violence Advisors
  • Three Independent Sexual Violence Advisors
  • Dedicated therapeutic support to victims of sexual violence, including dedicated support to men and boys
  • Funding to support the domestic abuse out reach service commissioned by Lincolnshire County Council.

The report sets out all the available services available now and developments for the future – which include a fast-track counselling service and a new sexual violence co-ordinator.

Last year £1.4m was spent on providing victim services and, although the Ministry of Justice provides 70% of that funding, the PCC has decided to top that up with £400,000 extra funding to improve services.

“It has always been my goal to drive down crime and, in the process, ensure there are fewer victims in our communities. But when crime does occur it is crucial the services provided to help survivors are available, easy to access and of excellent quality,” said Mr Jones.

“The report sets out the work being done to ensure those services meet the needs of victims and highlights some of the exceptional work being done.

“I am confident we are developing the services our residents deserve but determined to ensure we will always seek ways to improve further.”

Read the full report here.