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Subject Access Request

Your Subject Access rights (to ‘locally held’ information)

You have a right to be told whether any information is held about you and a right to a copy of that information, unless certain exemptions apply. This will be returned 1 calendar month after receipt of a fully completed form and proof of identity.

You will be provided with that information only if you have provided satisfactory proof of your identity. Information may not have to be provided if someone else can be identified in or from the information. If you think that information might be held about you that may identify or have been provided by another person, you may want to get that person’s written agreement to enable the information to be given to you. In addition to their consent, they will also need to provide two proofs of identity

The legislation allows us to extend the period of compliance by a further two months where requests are complex or numerous. If this is the case, we will inform you within one month of receipt of your request and explain why the extension is necessary

Police and Crime Commissioner’s rights

The provisions of the Data Protection Act mean that in certain circumstances some personal data will not be provided. For example you will not be provided with personal data if releasing it to you would be likely to prejudice a criminal investigation, and we may not provide you with information that identifies other individuals. The information you provide on this form will be used for processing your request.

What to do next

Use this link to access a copy of the Subject Access Request Form

  1. Complete Sections 1 - 7 overleaf.
  2. Include Proof of Identity. To help establish your identity this application must be accompanied by copies of two official documents which between them clearly show your name, current postal address, date of birth and signature, for example: birth certificate, driving licence, passport, medical card, bank statement, utility bill, rent agreement. If you have changed your name, please supply relevant documents evidencing the change.

DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS AS THESE WILL NOT BE RETURNED. It will assist with processing your application if one of the documents is a photographic identity document such as your passport or driving licence.

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner reserves the right to request original documentation in some cases. Where we request original documents, they will be returned by registered post.

                The completed form and proof(s) of identity should be sent to:

Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

Police Headquarters

Deepdale Lane





                What happens next…

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner will process your request and send a response to the address shown in section 4.


Due to the Data Protection Act 2018, Lincolnshire Police will be unable to provide you with information contained on police systems over the telephone or by email prior to completion of your request.