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Code of Conduct

PCCs are expected to adhere to the Seven Principles of Public Life published by the Nolan Committee. The 'Nolan Principles' have been adopted widely and form the basis of codes of conduct for holders of public office including Ministers, Members of Parliament and elected Members of local authorities.

PCC Marc Jones has adopted a model Code of Conduct* prepared by the Association of Police Authority Chief Executives (APACE) based on the Nolan Principles. A copy of the Code of Conduct and the Commissioner's written undertaking to observe the Code is published below:

Prior to being elected, Marc Jones declared his commitment to the Committee on Standards** in Public Life Ethical Checklist. Following his written undertaking to abide by the Code of Conduct, the Commissioner received the following acknowledgement from the Committee:

"The Committee is pleased to see an example of engagement with these issues by a Police and Crime Commissioner and has made a record of his pledge"


* Please note that the Code of Conduct originally adopted by the former PCC on 22 November 2012 (Decision Ref 004/2012 refers) was revised on 18 July 2013 (Decision Ref 023/2013 refers) and again on 24 July 2014 (Decision Ref 017/2014 refers)

** The Committee on Standards in Public Life advises the Prime Minister on ethical standards across the whole of public life across the UK. It monitors and reports on issues relating to the standards of conduct of all public office holders.