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Records Management Policy

All organisations generate records which must be collected, maintained and revised over time, but relevant authorities have an additional responsibility to be accountable for their actions to the public.  Therefore, their records must be accurate, reliable and capture authentic details of transactions and the policy for management of those records must protect the rights of privacy, confidentiality and security.  This applies to the management of records in all formats or media, whether created or received.

Records management policy statement

The Records Management Policy Statement below sets out how the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) intends to fulfil his statutory obligations under the Freedom of Information Act ("the Act") and the Section 46 Records Management Code issued under the Act and the Data Protection Act.

Governance classification scheme and management rules

The Governance Classification Scheme and Management Rules have been developed to improve and enhance the PCC's records and information management processes and practices.  The document is closely linked the Records Management Policy Statement.

Record retention and disposal policy

To comply with the Act the PCC must ensure that records are in a sufficient state of readiness to meet the standards necessary to deal effectively with information requests.

The record retention and disposal policy below is designed to support the PCC’s corporate governance framework and complies with the standards required by the Information Commissioner, taking into account the various legislative requirements and developments following the implementation of the Bichard recommendations.