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Listening, Responding and Being Accountable

The following are just some of the key achievements and progresses made against the PCC’s priority 'Listening, Responding and Being Accountable'.


Public Assurance Meetings

A key role of the PCC is to hold the Chief Constable to account. One way he does this is by holding regular meetings with the Chief to discuss the effectiveness of Lincolnshire Police.

In 2019 the PCC made these public assurance meetings available to the public to make sure that our residents are directly involved, providing the opportunity to ask questions about the performance of their police force.

The meeting recordings are all available to watch on the PCC’s YouTube channel.


Lincolnshire Youth Commission

In 2020, a ground-breaking project was launched by the PCC to ensure young people have a voice in how Lincolnshire is policed.

The Youth Commission was established to enable young people aged 14 to 25 to be consulted on policing, crime and community safety issues.

The first cohort was made up of 26 young people of different ethnic, religious and gender backgrounds from across the county and engaged with more than 1,300 young people across Lincolnshire.

In early 2021, the youth commission held a multi-agency conference, where the young people had the opportunity to present their results and recommendations and be part of discussions with Lincolnshire Police, the PCC and partner agencies.

The new cohort are currently engaging with young people around the county and are due to present their findings in March 2022.

Find out more about the Youth Commission and read their report and recommendations.