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How will we work?

Considering the evidence

The plan is evidence-based drawing on local, regional and national needs assessments, including the Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and the Joint Police and Community Safety Partnership needs assessment. These important pieces of work draw together assessed needs in a structured way from across the County and provide compelling evidence to support the priorities. In addition, the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Lincolnshire produced by partners in health and social care is important to this plan. As well as taking an evidence-based approach to the development of this plan, I will evaluate the projects and services which result from it to ensure we are delivering the desired outcomes and achieving value for money.


Assessing Threat and Risk

The threats facing the people of Lincolnshire are many and varied. A detailed threat and risk assessment is constantly undertaken and refreshed by Lincolnshire Police to inform how resources are deployed. On an annual basis the Force produce a Force Management Statement which comprehensively sets out the demand that it is likely to face, and its ability to meet that demand, both in terms of the resources required to do so, but also their condition and capability. It should also set out the Chief Constable’s plans for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the Force over the same period; it is critical that this Plan remains relevant and reflective of the changing threats and available resources and I am therefore committed to reviewing this Plan as a minimum on an annual basis.


Listening to people

During my time in office I have talked to individuals and communities up and down Lincolnshire. I will continue to meet as many people as I can and listen to their views and represent them to the police and other criminal justice organisations. I offer many ways to contact me and my office and have consulted on this plan and my budget proposals.


Open and transparent

I am committed to being open and transparent in all that I do, and as such progress against the plan is reported regularly to the Police and Crime Panel, as well as within my Annual Reports. This approach has been independently acknowledged in the award to my office of the CoPaCC Open and Transparent Quality Mark each year since its inception in 2013. 

I will publish my Commissioning Strategy and annual commissioning intentions on the OPCC website, setting out the principles and framework by which commissioning decisions will be undertaken and the services which I fund. This ensures that decisions are taken fairly, are supported by evidence and that an appropriate balance is achieved between cost and quality. Any significant decisions that are made will be published on the site.


Equality and diversity

To ensure this plan is fair, equitable and complies with the law in our diverse society it will be subject to an Equality Impact Assessment. The assessment will be published on my website along with my Equality Objectives, progress against which will be reported in my Annual Report.

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Delivery plan

For those services I directly fund, like the police force, I will set clear objectives and targets and hold them to account. The force will develop an operational delivery plan setting out how and what the police force will deliver. As part of that delivery, we will set key performance indicators in consultation with the Chief Constable.