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Boston and South Holland Newsletter - April 2022

  • Last Updated: 30-04-2024 at 16:04

The First Quarter of a New Year

There has certainly been an element of my previous life catching up with my current role over the last three months as the depth of support for veterans and families across the county is becoming more apparent now Covid restrictions have lifted. Having spent 22 years in the military it was logical for me to become the representative for veterans and following an internal meeting which reinforced the OPCC’s commitment to veterans I have been busy with the Lincolnshire Military Veterans and Families Wellbeing Network, the Lincolnshire Armed Forces Covenant Partnership Board and the first of the Banter and Brew events in Spalding organised by the Veterans Support Service.

A group of people sat around a table with hot drinks.

This quarter has also seen a number of training events to support the understanding of participatory budgeting prior to Aprils Mutual Gain event in Sutton Bridge when the public will come together to vote on projects that will benefit the local community.

A big thank you to Dee Bedford from South Holland District Council and Peter Hunn from Boston Borough Council for that chance to at last meet face to face and talk about all thing’s community safety, local engagement, and priorities. I have also had the chance to catch up with Wes Shelbourne from JUST Lincs and Shelly Bamford from EDAN Lincs. Of course, I can not forget to mention Sgt Seb Langham who has just started the Neighbourhood Policing Team in South Holland and with whom I had a really good introductory meeting.

Two events that are worth mentioning this quarter have been the Cyber and Rural Crime conference held at Riseholme College in Lincoln and the Youth conference at Lincoln University. Both events gave an opportunity to not only promote the activities of the OPCC and the Safer Together Team but also proved to be another good opportunity to network and find out what others are doing across the county.


The next quarter will see me continuing to work with existing partners and community groups such as the Central Boston Action Group, Boston Community Leaders, Community Alcohol Partnerships and the Prevent subgroup, but also looking forward to the Queens Jubilee long weekend where I have been invited to support the Neighbourhood Policing Team in Fishtoft and I am sure there will be other events where I can show a presence.

Community Payback

An appeal has been made to residents to nominate community projects for offenders to tackle as part of the Community payback scheme.

  • What is Community Payback?
    Community Payback provides people on probation with the opportunity to undertake work in the local community.
  • How can I help?
    Community Payback are always looking for suitable projects for people on probation. If you know of a project that you think may be suitable then please get in touch. Projects must be for a minimum of 1 day per week for a 6 weeks project, must have suitable transport links, have break and toilet facilities and must be non profit.

Lincolnshire Alert

Supporting your policing priorities with Lincs Alert. Some examples of messages put out each week by the Safer Together Team:

- Mobile phone whilst driving
- Joining the Police cadets
- Keeping Children Safe
- Sutton Bridge Building Better Bridges
- Scam Awareness
- Neighbourhood Policing Week
- Holiday Activity
- Hourglass 24 Hour Help Line

If you need a message sent out via Lincs Alert then contact your local Safer Together Team rep. Don’t forget we can target the message to a village, town or district. You can sign up to get Lincs Alert messages at:

Victim Lincs

If you have been the victim of crime, Victim Lincs can help whether you choose to report the crime to the police or not. Victim Lincs can answer any queries or concerns that you may have, as well as provide practical advice and information. They can discuss the support options available and should you need further support, make a referral to the specialist service most suited to you. They are independent to the police, so anything you tell them will be in confidence (unless there is a risk of harm to yourself or others, or where there is a legal requirement). Find information and guidance, including your rights and entitlements under the Victims Code at:

Image displaying Victim Lincs contact details. Phone number 01522 947510, website and email