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Police and Crime Plan Consultation

  • Last Updated: 30-04-2024 at 16:04

In July, the Safer Together Team supported PCC Marc Jones to consult with the public on his proposed Police and Crime Plan.

This was a great opportunity to not only to meet the public and to seek their views on the plan, but also talk on a range of subjects about the area in which they live.

There were two consultation events held in Boston during July, one in Spalding and one in Holbeach.

In the main, those who engaged were positive about where they lived and pleased to be given an opportunity to have their say in shaping the new Police and Crime Plan - including the young girl who asked me to look after her bike whilst she went in the shop with her mum.

Alan with his information stand outside a Lincolnshire Co-Operative Foodstore

With support of various Co-Op stores, carrying out community consultation in Boston and South Holland on the PCC's planned Police and Crime Plan 2021-25