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East Lindsey Newsletter - July 2022

  • Last Updated: 15-12-2023 at 16:12

Hello Summer!

Over the last quarter I have been working alongside Neighbourhood Policing Teams and partner organisations to help improve community safety. This includes developing fraud surgeries, working on a new Dementia safety scheme and attending lots of engagements and speaking to residents.

Dementia Bands

According to figures released by the NHS in January this year there are an estimated 11,800 people in Lincolnshire living with dementia, with 7,200 officially diagnosed. An exciting project is due to be launched in East Lindsey for those living with dementia to receive a wristband which stored the name and contact number of their next of Kin. The bracelets can be worn or carried by people living with dementia so, if they get lost, Emergency services or the members of the public can quickly access details of the next of kin and contact them. Details can be retrieved simply by placing a mobile phone over the dementia flower logo on the band. The pilot project has been mainly funded via the Safer Together Community fund from the OPCC and is set to launch in July this year. If it is successful, we will look at rolling it out County Wide.

I am very excited about this project and am very grateful to both PCSO Barnaby Prince and Sgt Cherry Kelly for involving me, it really will improve the lives of many and make communities safer for all. For those interested in the project please email


BSL 999 Service

A new service has launched to allow people to make 999 calls using British Sign
Language (BSL) for the first time. The new service, 999 BSL, will allow deaf people to make emergency calls using an app or website, connecting callers with a BSL interpreter. It is free to use and operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The system, which launched in June, is the first time a 999 emergency service will be available in British Sign Language, though a similar process exists for the NHS 111 number. People who use the service will be put through to a BSL interpreter, who will then relay the conversation to a 999 operator. More information can be found at

Lincolnshire Alert

The team use Lincolnshire Alert to:
- Keep you informed about local news and community safety information for your area
- Help you stay safe by sharing crime prevention advice
- You can reply to our messages and complete surveys to speak directly to us.
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Get in Touch

I am continuing to engage with partners across East Linsey both in the Wolds and along the Coast to support local projects to help improve levels of community safety. If you have a community project you would like support with or raise awareness please do get in contact via email: