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Safer Together Newsletter 2021

  • Last Updated: 30-04-2024 at 16:04

I have been in post for 7months now. Since restrictions have been lifted, it has been really great getting out and about across East Lindsey and meeting people face to face. Nothing beats it!

I have been engaging with the residents, partners and community groups on all thing’s community safety.

I continue to work closely with the local Neighbourhood Policing Teams across the district and attend Neighbourhood Priority Setting Meetings to feedback directly any views collated from the community.

 Roisin stood under the sign for Spilsby Police Station, along with uniformed Lincolnshire Police officers Roisin smiling in the sunshine, sat at an outdoor table with Lincolnshire Police officers

Jolly's World Café Event Skegness

I supported the event alongside partners, all of which were all keen to find out:

  • What community safety means to you
  • What needs to happen to make Skegness safer
  • How you and your community can play a part in achieving this

The event allowed direct involvement in a positive way with residents upon leaving feeling they had been listened to and that their views would directly impact the work which follows.

Large white board filled with word art and colourful drawings under the handwritten title of community safety.


Ageing Without Children

I attended an online meeting of the Lincolnshire AWOC group to explain my role and the role of the team. All of the members provided me with really good feedback on how they felt about their community and gave really good ways in which the feeling of community safety can be improved.



I have been fortunate enough to attend the Armed Forces Day event at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park. I have also met with local community groups in Spilsby, Horncastle and Winthorpe just to name a few.  My role is heavily involved in working along side the local NPTS both on the Coast and across the Wolds. I have joined them on local patrols and various engagements events over the past few months and will continue to do so.

A black labrador dog sits in front of a banner promoting the Safer Together Team


Lincolnshire Alert - are you signed up?

A mobile phone is superimposed over the image of beach huts. The mobile phone screen displays the Lincolnshire Alert logo. Bold text reads: helping you stay safe, keeping you informed, giving you a voice

The team use Lincolnshire Alert to:

  • Keep you informed about local news and community safety information for your area
  • Help you stay safe by sharing crime prevention advice
  • Give you a voice. We want to know your opinions and understand the needs and issues affecting your community. You can reply to our messages and complete surveys to speak directly to us. 

Sign up for Lincolnshire Alert.


Important dates

The annual precept survey will be open from 1ST November to 12th December.

The Safer Together Team and I will be out and about to gather your views. Specific dates and locations will be advertised nearer the time.


Get in touch

Coordinator information

Roisin Mullee

Area: East Lindsey

Base Station: Skegness


Contact number: 0779531411

Twitter: @roisinmullee