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The first World Café event in Skegness hailed a success!

  • Last Updated: 15-12-2023 at 16:12

The Jolly World Café event in Skegness last week saw a fantastic turnout!

The event, which took place at the Tower Gardens Pavilion on the 3 of September was designed to get people talking over cake and drinks about the issues they face in the area and how they can overcome them together.

Where you there? Can you see yourself in the photo gallery below?

If you attended you will have seen our Safer Together Co-ordinator for East Lindsey, Roisin Mullee supporting the event alongside partners, all of which were all keen to find out:

  • what community safety means to you
  • what needs to happen to make Skegness safer
  • how you and your community can play a part in achieving this

Roisin said: ““The Jolly World Café was a great event, with a good turnout of residents coming along to give us their views on the community and the safety of Skegness.

“The event allowed direct involvement in a positive way with many residents on leaving felt they had been listened too and their views would directly impact the work which follows.

“The planning group will now endeavour to share the findings with the community and local partners and continue to work directly with the community to make Skegness safer for all.”

Mark Housley, Lincolnshire Police operational superintendent on East felt the event was a success. He said: “The Skegness, Jolly’s World Café Event on Friday went really well.

“With about 50 people from the local community, colleagues from Business, Town Council, Local Authority and Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust.

“We had some interesting debate and challenge. The event has highlighted local issues that local people are concerned with.

“So, what next?

“The community, supported by local partners are planning a few more events of a similar nature to reach out further, particularly to young people and those who feel a little disenfranchised.

“We will then take action, together, to tackle the issues.”

The event proved a hit with people in the community too, as many gave the café format their seal of approval.

One person said they “found it interesting and informative”, while another said it “made me think about things that haven’t occurred to me before.”

Another added that it was “really interesting meeting new people and getting their thoughts and ideas.”

The next step is for the information to be collated and then shared with the wider community and partners, highlighting what the community feel are issues.

This was the first of four events to take place this month, with two set to happen this Saturday in Sleaford and Sutton Bridge.

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