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Gainsborough community come together to help make a difference

  • Last Updated: 03-01-2023 at 15:01

The World Café event in Gainsborough South-West Ward saw a great turn out, with local residents eager to help make a difference to their area. 

The event, which took place at the X Church in Gainsborough on Saturday 18 September, was designed to get people talking over cake and drinks about the issues they face in the area and how they can overcome them together.

Where you there? Can you see yourself in the photo gallery below?

If you attended you will have seen our Safer Together Co-ordinator for Lincoln and West Lindsey, Stephanie Marwood supporting the event alongside partners, all of which were all keen to find out:

  • what community safety means to you
  • what needs to happen to make Skegness safer
  • how you and your community can play a part in achieving this

Stephanie felt that the event was a real positive for the area, with a good representation of local residents. She said: "It was great to see local residents passionate about helping to make a difference.

"The ideas for improvement and enthusiasm for making changes created an atmosphere that was positive and energetic and gave a sense that great things can be done. Many residents asked if there will be another world café event in the near future."

The next step is for the information to be collated and then shared with the wider community and partners, highlighting what the community feel are issues.

This was one of four events that took place in Lincolnshire this month, with other events in Skegness, Sleaford and Sutton Bridge.

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