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Safer Together Newsletter - October 2021

  • Last Updated: 17-05-2024 at 11:05

The Safer Together Team have been together for 9 months and, despite a challenging start, the team and I have been busy introducing ourselves to Neighbourhood Policing Teams, organisations and residents.

As restrictions eased, I have been able to get out and about in the community, meeting residents and organisations in person and getting to know even more about the area I cover. I have attended many events including the Mutual Gain World Café event in Gainsborough, a local change event discussing shared ambitions amongst organisations in Lincoln, and the Uniting the Movement in Lincolnshire event at Lincoln City football ground.

I’ve also been on walk arounds with colleagues from councils, the police and local groups to discuss how we can work together to make improvements for communities. Over the coming months, I will be continuing to raise awareness of the team and police initiatives and find out from residents what concerns and issues they have about where they live. I will also be organising and attending events relating to participation in the Police and Crime Commissioner's annual council tax precept survey.


Lincolnshire Alert - are you signed up?

Bold text over a photograph of Lincoln Cathedral reads: helping you stay safe, keeping you informed, giving you a voice.

The team use Lincolnshire Alert to:

  • Keep you informed about local news and community safety information for your area
  • Help you stay safe by sharing crime prevention advice
  • Give you a voice. We want to know your opinions and understand the needs and issues affecting your community.

You can reply to our messages and complete surveys to speak directly to us.

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Engagement and events

In July, the team and I went out in to the community to raise awareness of the Office and Police and Crime Commissioner and the Safer Together Team. We also asked residents their views on the new Police and Crime plan, as well as asking what issues they have where they live.

Sunny day. Steph stands in front of a banner displaying Lincoln Cathedral and the PCC's logo, stood alongside Lincolnshire Police Officers.

The Mutual Gain World café event in Gainsborough asked residents questions relating to pride in the area and what could be done to make the improvements needed. There was tea and cake, plenty of residents and lively conversations.


A large white board filled with colourful word art under the title 'Gainsborough, improving commuity pride world cafe'. Hand drawn images of people and colourful words showing the community's views fill the board.


Important information


What 3 words: white logo on a red backgroundWhat 3 words white logo on a red background

The app What3Words is used to locate a person or place and is used by 85% of the UK’s emergency services and in partnership search and rescue operations. Every 3 square meters of the worlds surface have been given 3 words so the app is invaluable in emergencies. 


Car freshener shows the images of a car seat belt, a mobile phone and the miles per hour gauge. Text reads: belt up, hand up, ease up.

The Force are giving away free air fresheners for members of the public, with each featuring a simple message to give people pause for thought before they set off on their journey. The air fresheners are jasmine-scented, feature a red outline to represent a “stop” sign, and three icons representing each theme, along with the slogan.


Community Speedwatch Logo features colourful images of people with speed signs as their midrif

Community Speedwatch is an initiative where members of local communities join with their local police to record details of speeding vehicles using approved detection devices. Visit for more information.


Lincoln Neighbourhood Policing Priorities

  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Traffic Offences
  • Speeding
  • Drug Dealing



West Lindsey Neighbourhood Policing Priorities

  • Speeding
  • Drink Driving
  • Using phones whilst driving
  • Not wearing seatbelts
  • Rural Crime
  • Youth ASB


Important Dates:

  • October - Domestic Abuse Awareness Month.
  • October - Hate Crime Awareness Week
  • 1st November to 12th December - The Police and Crime Commissioner's annual council tax precept survey
  • 18th November - International Mens Day
  • 21st November - Restorative Justice Week



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