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Safer Together Newsletter - January 2022

  • Last Updated: 07-07-2023 at 16:07

I have now been in post for Safer Together Coordinator for North and South Kesteven for the Office of Police and Crime for officially 1 year now.

Over the year I have attended 50+ Parish Council Meetings across North and South Kesteven and I have supported my local NPT’s with over 15+ in person engagement events, when COVID restrictions were partially lifted in the summer.

Community safety has been the main focus of my work and making sure that you are given a say in what goes on in your community. Its been great to build up a portfolio of contacts in my area, as well as the themes which are effecting our community and how we can help. I am still working with multiple groups across my areas helping and supporting them in achieving goals that address local need. I have multiple meetings and projects I am working on in the next quarter which I am very excited for! Don’t forget to follow me on twitter (@MaisieMcMSTC) to see what I am up to in your local area, or sign up to for regular information and updates.

North Kesteven Community Champion Awards

I was very lucky in November to have the opportunity to present the Offices Award, ‘Contribution to Community Safety’ at the NK Community Champion Awards, in the place of our PCC Mr Marc Jones who was unfortunately ill. I had the honour of presenting this great award to The Dunston Yarn Bomb. This great group crafted decorative elements for public display on street furniture the group had everyone in the community talking about domestic abuse, they raised £1500 for the DA charity EDAN Lincs!

Romance Scam Warning

Between November 2020 and October 2021, there were 8,863 reported cases of romance fraud nationally, with losses totalling £91.9 million.

Romance scams involve people being duped into sending money to criminals who go to great lengths to gain their trust and convince them that they are in a genuine relationship. They use language to manipulate, persuade and exploit so that requests for money do not raise alarm bells. These requests might be highly emotive. Scammers will often build a relationship with their victims over time.

Signs your friend or family member may be involved in a romance scam:

  • They may be very secretive about their relationship
  • They may express very strong emotions and commitment to someone they have only just met
  • They have sent, or are planning to send, money to someone they have not met face-to-face.

How users can stay safe from romance scams:

  • Be suspicious of any requests for money from someone you have never met in person, particularly if you have only recently met online.
  • Speak to your family or friends to get advice.
  • Profile photos may not be genuine, you can try a reverse search engine search on photographs.

How to report it If you think you have been a victim of a romance scam, do not feel ashamed or embarrassed - you are not alone. Contact your bank immediately and report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or via Action Fraud's website.

Priority Setting Meetings

Quarterly I attend Lincolnshire Polices Neighbourhood Policing Teams Priority Setting Meetings. This is a meeting where the Force and other Partners, such as Council representatives. As a group we discuss what priorities should be in the area, this is based on crime stats as well as community thoughts and work in the area. My priorities for North Kesteven are drug use/supply, antisocial behaviour and vehicle nuisance, and my priority for South Kesteven is to pursue theft. 


Community Groups

Are you a community group? Do you need help or support with funding? Please contact me by email and I would love to see how I could help and support you. We have a variety of partners and contacts who want to help and support community groups to make us as a community stronger and more cohesive.

Please contact me about any events in your area and I maybe able to attend. I love engaging with my community and its great to meet local community groups and residents!


Get in touch

Please contact me about any events in your area that I maybe able to attend. I love engaging with my community and its great to meet local community groups and residents!

Twitter: @MaisieMcMSTC