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Safer Together Newsletter - July 2022

  • Last Updated: 07-07-2023 at 16:07

Welcome to Summer!

I have had a pretty busy few months of work. Meeting with different Community Groups and Parishes as well as planning projects! I also have some events booked in next month so please see the important dates box to the left. As I have said before if you would like me to try and attend any of your events please send me an email! I have been very active on Lincolnshire Alert this quarter and send out over 25 message, information and location specific to the NSK area. If you are not signed up, you should be!

BSL 999 Service : Are you aware?

New service has launched to allow people to make 999 calls using British Sign Language (BSL) for the first time. The new service, 999 BSL, will allow deaf people to make emergency calls using an app or website, connecting callers with a BSL interpreter. It is free to use and operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The system, which launched in June, is the first time a 999 emergency service will be available in British Sign Language, though a similar process exists for the NHS 111 number. People who use the service will be put through to a BSL interpreter, who will then relay the conversation to a 999 operator. More information can be found at

Parish Council input to Priority Setting Meetings

Quarterly I attend Lincolnshire Polices Neighbourhood Policing Teams Priority Setting Meetings. This is a meeting where the Force and other Partners, such as Council representatives. As a group we discuss what priorities should be in the area, this is based on crime stats as well as community thoughts and work in the area.

We had received some feedback from the Community that they were wanting a way of feeding back into the Priority Setting Meetings. Therefore I created a document which enables Parish and Town Councils to be able to send back three priorities which they think should be considered for their Neighbourhood Policing Area. Inspector Hillson and myself agreed on the format of the document and decided to get it a trial for the previous quarter. Before the deadline we received 17 responses from different Parishes across NSK.

Please note there are only a few priorities for each area so not every concern sent in by Parishes will become a priority, but they will play a large part in the decision making for each neighbourhood policing area. Crime stats and information from other partners is also taken into consideration when choosing the next quarters priorities.

This last quarter we did a trial of the Parishes Priority Setting Meeting Priorities and it worked well. We had a good number of responses and these priorities influenced the decisions made for the Priorities. For example For Grantham Neighbourhood Policing Area, Speeding was chosen as the Priority as it was raised in over 7 responses . This is something we will be continuing for next quarter to Parish and Town Councils keep your eyes out for my email!

Lincolnshire Alert

The team use Lincolnshire Alert to:

- Keep you informed about local news and community safety information for your area.
- Help you stay safe by sharing crime prevention advice.

You can reply to our messages and complete surveys to speak directly to us. As well as share the information we post to the wider community. Sign Up here

Lincolnshire Strong Voices Project

Created and hosted by The Lincolnshire Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Lincolnshire Strong Voices are a group of 11–21-year-olds that live in Lincolnshire, who come together to empower each other to make changes where they live. Lincolnshire Strong Voices provides a space to comfortably, confidentially, and openly speak about issues and concerns where you live. It is also intended to be a platform to influence and implement real change. Our streams of work to engage with young people across the county has three delivery strands: Core Group of Active Participants, Schools Engagements and Community Group Engagements.

For more information or to sign up, please email us at: