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Volunteering in policing

There are many ways in which you can get involved in policing through volunteering opportunities with Lincolnshire Police.


Special constables

The Special Constabulary are volunteer police officers.  Also known as 'specials' they carry out policing duties in their spare time. They come from all walks of life - they are teachers, taxi drivers, accountants and secretaries, or any number of other careers.


People join the Special Constabulary for many different reasons. You may want:

  • to give something back to the community
  • to learn new skills and gain valuable experience
  • to challenge yourself
  • to learn first-hand about the police force before committing to a full-time job there


As a special, you perform police duties under the supervision of regular officers and experienced specials. You will take on a diverse range of roles including:

  • conducting local, intelligence based patrols
  • taking part in crime prevention initiatives
  • policing major incidents
  • conducting inquiries
  • assisting at scenes of accidents
  • safeguarding the public at local and major events
  • tackling anti-social behaviour
  • spending time at local schools to educate on safety
  • providing operational support to regular officers


You will have the same powers as a regular police officer, wear the same uniform and receive initial and continuous training.


Our specials commit to at least four hours a week which is flexible to fit around your other commitments. 


Becoming a special is a great way for you to make a difference in your community. At the same time you can develop your personal skills and experiences.


We offer an excellent training programme and mentoring scheme that will help you build knowledge and confidence. We will help you achieve all your personal goals as a special.


Find out more about the role of a special constable and how to apply on the Lincolnshire Police website.



The Volunteer Police Cadets is the nationally recognised police uniformed youth group throughout England. It is open to teenagers from all backgrounds aged between 13 and 18*.


The aims of the Volunteer Police Cadets are:

  • to promote a practical understanding of policing amongst all young people
  • to encourage the spirit of adventure and good citizenship
  • to support local policing priorities through volunteering and give young people a chance to be heard
  • to inspire young people to participate positively in their communities


There are many benefits to being part of the Police Cadets, including:

  • learning about Lincolnshire Police and developing your knowledge on a variety of policing topics
  • meeting lots of different people and making new friends
  • helping to reduce crime by taking part in local policing operations and representing Lincolnshire Police at community events
  • helping to make a difference in your community through positive engagement with members of the public and social action projects
  • gaining and developing valuable skills that can support you in your life and future career
  • gaining a sense of social responsibility and becoming a role model to others


Cadets are supported by police officers, police staff, and adult volunteers who give their time to share their knowledge and expertise of policing and their local communities.


We currently have Police Cadet Corps in these locations across the county:

  • Boston
  • Bourne
  • Grantham
  • Lincoln
  • Skegness


*Recruitment age is 13 years through to 16 years; however young people can remain as a cadet until the age of 18.


Find out more about the role of a cadet and details of recruitment dates on the Lincolnshire Police website.


Police support volunteers

Our police support volunteers (PSVs) are important members of our policing family, supporting our policing effort and enhancing the services we provide to the public.


Volunteers are a vital resource to help maintain public confidence, as their support enables us to strengthen links between policing and the community.


Volunteering can benefit you in a whole host of different ways, by becoming a PSV you can:

  • develop new skills, which can strengthen your CV
  • gain an insight into local policing and your local community
  • enhance your personal development and growth
  • meet new people and make new friends
  • improve your physical and mental wellbeing
  • gain experience of working as part of a team in a professional workplace environment
  • support Lincolnshire Police and make a valuable contribution to the safety and security of your own community


We have a diverse team of volunteers who undertake a wide variety of roles including, but not limited to:

  • Vehicle and equipment control volunteers
  • Force chaplaincy
  • Role players for initial officer training
  • CCTV review volunteers
  • Police Cadet leaders
  • Community Speed Watch volunteers
  • Heritage volunteers
  • Administrative support volunteers


We have roles available in police stations and communities across the county.


If you are interested in becoming a police support volunteer, find out more on the Lincolnshire Police website.