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PCC's statement on recent events in Lincolnshire

  • Last Updated: 01-06-2021 at 15:06

The Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones has released a statement on recent events in Lincolnshire:

"I am conscious of the fact that recent events around the county over the last few days will be causing concern amongst residents and communities in Lincolnshire. The county has experienced a highly unusual number of particularly terrible crimes in the last few days and it is understandable that this will trigger a level of anxiety, particularly in those communities most affected by the tragedies. I want to assure the public that Lincolnshire is still a very safe county in which to live and work.

My deepest sympathies lay with the families of the those caught in the midst of these tragedies and I would like to put on record my admiration and thanks to the dedicated members of Lincolnshire Police and emergency services who have dealt with these incidents. Arrests have been made swiftly and safely and it is hugely reassuring to know our officers on the front line are among the best in the UK.

While it is clear that these incidents represent a very rare occurrence I am certainly not complacent about the need to address emerging crime. As lockdown eases and the weather improves we are seeing an unprecedented demand in calls to our control room and would ask the public to be patient when contacting the force and, where possible, to report non-urgent incidents and concerns on-line rather than via 101.

I am further reassured by the Chief Constables plans to deploy a record breaking number of new officers across the county including the creation of new units to tackle rural, road and violent crime.”