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12,991 people referred to PCC's in-house support service in 2022-23

  • Last Updated: 15-03-2024 at 08:03

Victims of crime in Lincolnshire are being supported by a raft of new services after the Police and Crime Commissioner secured an additional £443,000 in new funding.

The extra cash was brought in through three bids to the Government and NHS England to provide new services to help survivors of sexual violence.

The £443,000 has allowed PCC Marc Jones to create new services and posts dedicated to victims. They include:

  • Fast Track Counselling for Victims of Sexual Violence – which has helped 139 victims in the year to April 2023
  • Sexual Violence Co-ordinator – 834 victims have been referred to the co-ordinator between September 2022 and April 2023
  • The appointment of 9.5 new advisors to support adult and young victims of sexual and domestic violence

The full range of victim services, funded by £1.6m from PCC Marc Jones, are outlined in a new Victim and Survivor Services Impact Report released this week by the PCC

The report outlines how 12,991 people have been referred to Victim Lincs in the year from April 2022. This is an ‘in house’ service put in place by the PCC who provide advice and support to victims and survivors, including making referrals to specialist support services. 865 people received Outreach Support and 2045 survivors of sexual violence were referred to specialist services  – with 82% reporting they were better able to cope and recover as a result.

The existing Victim Lincs website is being revised and will include language translation, a directory of support services and information about what to expect when going to court.

“Over the past year we have made significant strides in ensuring that victims and survivors receive the care and support they deserve,” said Mr Jones.

“This report highlights the progress we have made, the achievements we have celebrated and the plans we have for the future.

“I am proud of, and grateful for, the hard work and dedication shown by the staff who work within this very challenging area and the relationships we have fostered with partners.

“Together we are building a victim support service system that is compassionate, responsive and empowering.”