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Extra £1.4m given to Lincolnshire to help fight crime, anti-social behaviour and increase trust in policing

  • Last Updated: 15-03-2024 at 08:03

AN extra £1.4m will be given to Lincolnshire to help fight crime, anti-social behaviour and increase trust in policing, it was announced today.

The Government has provided the cash boost to Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner as part of a nationwide programme.

The additional £1.4m will be made available over the next 18 months –  and has been welcomed by PCC Marc Jones as a positive step in keeping communities safe.

Unusually the money has not been allocated according to the funding formula, with each area receiving the same funding. That means Lincolnshire residents are getting more extra money per head than almost anywhere else in the country.

The Home Office unveiled the plan – which includes PCCs having to put forward at least three project plans to access the funding – which is part of the Safer Streets programme.

PCC Marc Jones will now be working with partners to develop proposals for the funding. Any that meet the criteria will be automatically accepted for funding.

“This extra funding is very welcome,” he said. “In particular I am delighted that my voice has been heard and the funding has not been allocated according to funding formula which means Lincolnshire gets more per head than most of the country.

“It is too early to say how we will spend the money because it will be important to get the views and input from partners around the county.

“However I am confident this additional money can make a really positive impact on communities and continue the drive to keep residents safe.”

Each project must aim to tackle at least one of the following issues:

  • Reduce neighbourhood crimes (domestic burglary, robbery, theft from person, vehicle crime).
  • Reduce ASB incidents.
  • Change perceptions, attitudes, and behaviours towards VAWG and ASB in public places, with the long-term goal of reducing VAWG crimes and disorder in public.
  • Improve feelings of safety for everyone within the community, in particular women and girls’ Safer Streets Fund
  • Make local areas safer and reduce demand on the police, local authorities and other local agencies.
  • Increase local area trust in policing and their activities within the community.
  • Build the evidence base for what works on reducing neighbourhood crimes and ASB and for changing attitudes and behaviours in relation to VAWG in the public domain.

The news comes just weeks after Mr Jones announced he had secured an additional £3.8m in Government funding in the wake of the decision to create a new migrant camp in Scampton.