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Have your say on the future of policing in Lincolnshire

  • Last Updated: 15-03-2024 at 08:03

Residents will be asked to give a “star rating” to Lincolnshire Police as part of the latest county-wide survey on crime and law enforcement.

The Crime and Policing Survey 2023 will ask respondents how satisfied or dissatisfied they are with Lincolnshire Police.

For the first time since the annual survey began seven years ago questions will be asked whether residents believe Lincolnshire Police are effective, treat victims of crime with compassion, can be trusted to behave properly and uphold the law impartially.

 Questions will also be posed about the increased use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology, the fear of crime, how victims would prefer to report an incident and what level of Council Tax contribution they would support.

The survey, the latest launched by the Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner, is used to help prioritise spending on police services in the coming financial year.

This will be the seventh year running PCC Marc Jones has commissioned the survey, with almost 4,000 replies last year – the most since the survey began.

In previous years the views expressed in this survey have been the driving force behind some significant changes to the services provided by Lincolnshire Police.

A dedicated roads policing team, specialist enforcement teams to drive down crime in rural areas, investment in raising awareness of frauds and scams, the launch of community speed watch schemes, an increase in community beat managers – all have been launched thanks to the views expressed in previous surveys.

“As the Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire I place great emphasis on my responsibility to ensure residents voices are heard,” said Mr Jones

“Funding for Lincolnshire Police is still one of the lowest in the UK and that means we must spend every penny, not only wisely, but dedicated to the issues communities care most about.

“I take the results extremely seriously and base the proposed Council Tax increases and the priority for spending on the views expressed in this survey so I hope as many people as possible take the few minutes necessary to complete the survey.

“I want everyone to play an important part in the decisions affecting every local resident and business in Lincolnshire.”

Please note that this survey has now closed (6 Dec)


Habit 5 have been appointed to conduct the survey on behalf of the Police and Crime Commissioner. For any queries, please contact